Watch Kerry Sanders Get Destroyed By 5,000 Mosquitoes While Testing An Anti-Mosquito App On ‘Today’

The Today show was doing a segment about an anti-mosquito app that supposedly drives female mosquitoes away (the ones that bite humans) by simulating the high-end wing beat frequency of the male mosquito. So they sent NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders down to Florida to the Lee County Mosquito Control to test it out, despite the fact that in the same segment they had done some investigative journalism that strongly suggested that the app was a bust.

But because as long as mankind has existed, humans have been doing dumb things in the name of science dares, Sanders went for it anyway and learned the hard way why you don’t stick your arm into a box with LITERALLY FIVE THOUSAND MOSQUITOES IN IT. I had a difficult time even watching this, because hell — I had a single mosquito loose in my living room yesterday and I came *this* close to burning the whole house down and just starting over. Of course, it probably didn’t help that the dumbass didn’t even turn the app on until he had about a hundred or so of the little a-holes stuck to his arm.

Here’s what Matt Lauer’s face looked like when Kerry Sanders stuck his arm into a box full of 5,000 mosquitoes:

I probably will not be downloading this app. Here’s the full segment:

[protected-iframe id=”7f465dc40d125cf8e102eb5bf7f18809-60970621-60765065″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”375″]

(Via Today)