Tom Cruise Has A Blast Recreating All Of His Iconic Roles Alongside James Corden

10.20.16 1 year ago

Tom Cruise is never short on energy when it comes to his late night appearances, so it’s not a shock that he’s game for James Corden’s “Role Call” — recreating essentially every role he’s ever had in his career in no particular order. For a guy pushing 60, he’s really got the energy of several other people that may or may not have been bombed in a volcano by a space jet. He shows it off next to Corden here and he seems prepared to make a bit of fool of himself by going pretty deep in his catalog.

Yeah, Mission: Impossible is well represented and so are the iconic roles from Cruise’s early career, but then he whips out Cocktail, Rock of Ages, and does the funniest recreation of Born On The Fourth Of July that you’ll likely see unless you pop in Forrest Gump. You also have to like his updated take on Interview With A Vampire, rocking a horrible wig that manages to last until halfway into his recreation of A Few Good Men.

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