Tom Segura On Mike Tyson, Podcasting With His Comedian Wife, And His New Netflix Special

01.08.16 4 years ago 2 Comments

Comedian Tom Segura likes to talk. He likes it so much, he and his wife and fellow comedian, Christina Pazsitzky, started the Your Mom’s House podcast back in October 2010. Five years later, the podcast is still going strong while Segura and Pazsitzky’s individual comedy work is flourishing. This is especially true of the former, whose second stand-up special, Mostly Stories, debuts today on Netflix.

During a break from his busy New Year’s Eve schedule, we spoke to Segura about Mostly StoriesYour Mom’s House, his random encounter with Mike Tyson on a plane to Pittsburgh and many, many other subjects that interested the 36-year-old comedian.

Most podcasts serve as extended interviews or discussions, but yours sounds and feels more like a radio show hybrid. You call “live” guests, you sample audio clips and gags. It’s like listening to a live radio station.

It’s actually the work of our show. Most podcasts, you just sit there and talk to somebody, but we actually have a “produced” element. We need plenty of time for pre- and post-production, because we just shape the show that way. I think it’s what makes our podcast different.

Your podcasts tend to go long.

When we started doing the podcast, I think they were about an hour each. Back then we did two episodes a week, and after a while we simply couldn’t keep up. We were just getting too busy, and we felt that if we cut it down to one episode a week, we couldn’t just give our listeners an hour. People were asking us to please go back to two a week, but the compromise for the change was to at least do 90 minutes.

Same goes for your stand-up, especially Mostly Stories, but you and Christina don’t have a lot of filters on the podcast.

Yeah, we don’t. With our relationship, that’s how it has been for a long time. We don’t really keep a lot of thoughts from each other. It’s just who we are.

When the hour for Mostly Stories was ready, did you immediately want to work with Netflix?

They were 100 percent my first choice. I wanted to go to them and see if we could do the special, and if it didn’t work out, then we would look at other options. Thankfully they said yes. I was so happy to deal with them, and with the results of Completely Normal being with Netflix, that I without question wanted to go back.

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