Shiv And Tom’s ‘Bitey’ Foreplay On ‘Succession’ Left Fans Perturbed… And Intrigued

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening once said that “I call the big one Bitey” is one of his favorite moments in the history of the show. That’s how Succession fans feel about “Bitey,” too, except this Bitey isn’t a opossum; it’s public foreplay between a casually reunited Tom and Shiv.

In Sunday’s episode of Succession, “Living+,” Tom walks in on Shiv crying. “You’re scheduling your grief?” he asks with equal parts affection and pity in his voice. Later, they meet up at an investor reception, and Shiv (with her
“thick and chewy” earlobes) gives Tom grief for checking out “the vaginas of the cheerful women who aren’t tall enough to be models.” Tom claims he’s good, but he apologizes to Shiv for “f*cking her up.” Shiv laughs. “Hardly a scratch.” The back and forth continues until Shiv asks him to play Bitey. What’s Bitey? “You bite me, I bite you. See who can take it,” she explains.

“We definitely took our time with that because it was just such a fun scene, and so electrifying to watch. I think they were actually biting each other,” director Lorene Scafaria told Variety about whether Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) were chomping into each other’s skin for real. “It was a fun figuring out how to get their arms in each other’s mouths while their faces were that close together. I don’t think anybody got too hurt. No blood!”

Here they are rehearsing Bitey:

Raise your hand if you played Bitey after watching the episode.

(Via Variety)