Tommy Lee Jones And AMC Are Developing A Show About Football

03.28.12 5 Comments

"When I hit this button, you will forget about 'Rubicon.'"

What do you get the network that already has shows about hard-drinking ad men, zombies, New Mexico drug dealers, incompetent rain-soaked homicide detectives, and, uh, trains? The answer, as it usually is in this great country of ours, is FOOTBALL.

AMC is in the early stages of development on the football drama “The Real All Americans.” Based on Sally Jenkins’ book about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, “Real All Americans” chronicles the school’s storied football program created by U.S. cavalry officer Richard Henry Pratt, an abolitionist and early equal rights proponent who made a harrowing journey to the Dakota Territory in 1879 to recruit the school’s first students.

Producers are in discussions with Tommy Lee Jones to direct the pilot if AMC moves forward. [THR]

The THR story goes on to say that Jones is part Cherokee, and that he played football when he was a student at Harvard in the 1960s, so the subject matter hits a little closer to home for him than your average big name Hollywood hotshot. Personally, I like to think he’s getting involved with this show because he suspects Richard Kimble might be hiding out in the AMC offices looking for the one-armed man, and it’s all a plan to smoke him out, and then when he finds him they can chase each other around in golf carts all over the lot where this is being filmed while screaming stuff like “KIMBLE! FREEZE!” and “I DIDN’T KILL MY WIFE!”, and the golf carts will have NOS, and all the actors watching it happen will look at each other like “Whaaaaa?” while a record scratches, and I will film it all on my phone, and upload it onto my laptop, and burn a million DVDs, and slap a cover on them that says 2 Fast 2 Fugitive, and I will make $10 million. The end.

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