Tonight’s ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Has A Tracking Shot Inspired By ‘True Detective’

To date, the only things It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and True Detective have in common are Alexandra Daddario, copious amounts of cheap beer, and an abundance of sociopaths. That changes after tonight’s elegantly-titled episode, “Charlie Work,” which, according to Glenn Howerton, includes a scene inspired by the tracking shot from Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO series.

True Detective followed Matthew McConaughey in and out of frenzied danger for six seamless minutes. The FXX sitcom spends an uninterrupted seven-plus minutes on a scene that’s equally manic but minus the gunplay: It involves a desperate bid to save Paddy’s pub from flunking a health inspection.

Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis and is an executive producer of the comedy about a group of loser pals, said they were “pretty inspired” by the bravado of True Detective and found an episode that’s served by the approach. (Via)

The area around Paddy’s Pub gives off a “housing project that double as a gun-ridden drug den” vibe, so it’s a natural fit. Plus, it’s like Mac always say, time is a flat jabroni.

Via My Fox LA