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“Glee” is fascinating in the genres it mixes: it’s a high school comedy that has taken a surprisingly soapy turn in recent weeks, all while maintaining — even increasing — the shameless zeal of a musical. However, with each of the last two weeks, I’ve gotten less certain that the showrunners can maintain an entertaining balance.

For example, last night’s episode featured FOUR scenes of characters dancing to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Now, I like “Single Ladies” just fine. And I’ve got nothing against gay characters whatsoever (see “Modern Family”). But Jesus, “Glee,” that is too. Much. Gayness.

And then, every week when I’m ready to turn it off and check out for good, Jane Lynch’s character comes out and hits you with a monologue like this:

You know there’s a question I get asked a lot – whether I’m accepting an honorary doctorate or performing a citizen’s arrest, people ask me, “Sue, what’s your secret?” Well I’ll tell you my secret western Ohio – Sue Silvester’s not afraid to shake things up. You know I’m tired of hearing people complain “I’m riddled with this disease” or “I was in that tsunami”. To them I say – shake it up a bit! Get out of your box! Even if that box happens to be where you’re living. I’ll often yell at homeless people – “Hey! How’s that homelessness working out for ya! Give not being homeless a try, huh?”

Goddammit she’s awesome. She’s like me in a track suit. Only slightly more handsome.

[images and excerpt from the outstanding bohemea]

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