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I never saw a single episode of “Boy Meets World” (which aired from 1993-2000), but every guy who’s young enough (or lame enough) to have spent his Friday nights in the ’90s staying home and watching TV has a lifelong obsession with Danielle Fishel, who played the character Topanga on ABC’s “TGIF’ hit.  Now 28, Fishel spoke to Fancast about her first kiss and her present gig as host of Style Network’s “The Dish,” which is like “The Soup” but for women and not funny (Sorry, Danielle. Call me?).  Some excerpts:

What’s a typical day like for you on ‘The Dish’? I’m not there Monday through Wednesday. On Thursdays I do my voice over for the show. Then I go across the street to my record meeting. My writers show me all the clips that they’re thinking about, we go through the script, tweak it, and on Friday I go into hair and makeup and we shoot the tape.

Whoa, TWO days of work every week?!?!  Television can be so hard!

What were your favorite scenes [on “Boy Meets World”] to shoot? Definitely that first episode, when we [Ben Savage’s character, Cory and Topanga] were handcuffed to the locker, and I kissed him. That scene stands out for me for many reasons. For one,  it was my first major role on a television show. Two it was my first real life kiss and my first television kiss all rolled into one – on national television with my whole family watching.

The full interview also has her talking about being a sex symbol at a young age and an explanation for why the producers chose a name as dumb as Topanga.  Me?  I’m just here to give you a gallery of Fishel and Ben Savage as teenagers.  Sweet!  It’s Jailbait Day at Warming Glow!  Tell everyone you know!  Unless they work in law enforcement!


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