Tracy Morgan Threatens To Go ‘Back In The Coma’ During His Insanely Funny Interview On ‘Fallon’

Entertainment Writer
01.19.16 10 Comments

Tracy Morgan showed up on The Tonight Show in the rarest of forms. Not only was he busting random jokes from all realms, including one related to The Godfather that doesn’t need to be spoiled, but he was also ready to pop a few jokes about his life changing accident. Not only did he threaten to “go back in the coma,” but he joked a bit about his daughter pushing him forward during his recovery. Running around with poop-filled diapers never sounded so great.

The entire interview — if you can call it that — might be the best thing The Tonight Show has put out in quite a while. Morgan just riffs from start to finish, pulling in The Roots for a few jokes and just going deep into the craziness he’s been known for over the years. He also talked a bit about his upcoming series with Jordan Peele for FX.

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