Yes! Tracy Morgan And Jordan Peele Join Forces In A Comedy Pilot For FX

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Over the years, FX has carved out a niche for itself as channel that doesn’t simply act as an arbiter for great comedic programming. FX has given the creative reins to Louis C.K. and told him to run with whatever he wants to do. Despite moving to FXX (FX’s sister site), The League proved that a relatively niche subject can be a huge hit with a network’s support. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will never not be a non sequitur joy. Call me cynical, but this comedic success is thanks to a trusting braintrust at FX that puts the power in the hands of the creators, and that’s the way it should be.

That’s why it’s time to get excited about the announcement that Tracy Morgan and Jordan Peele are combining their comedic superpowers to make a new pilot. With writing help from Eastbound and Down, Key and Peele and Two and a Half Men vets, Tracy Morgan is playing a fish out of water career criminal adjusting to modern society after a fifteen-year stint in prison.

Nick Grad, FX’s Programming President, is as excited as anyone:

“What an unbeatable combination – Tracy Morgan and Jordan Peele – two exceptional comics joining forces with a great team of writers and producers to create and produce this pilot for FX Networks. We’ve been committed to Tracy from the start and are thrilled that Jordan, John, Eric and Joel are joining him in developing this new project.”

Keep in mind that a pilot is no guarantee. This would be Morgan’s 3rd pilot with FX, but you can’t bat a thousand in Hollywood, and this is the first step towards what should (hopefully) be a long and hilarious partnership between Peele and Morgan. Most importantly, it’s great to see Morgan back and healthy after a 2014 car crash nearly took his life.

I’m ready for Morgan and Peele comedy greatness. My body is ready.

(Via Nerdist)