Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

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11.22.13 103 Comments

There’s a lot to talk about from last night’s double dip of Parks and Recreation, from Ron selling his cabin to April to Ben getting a new job and then getting another new job to Leslie and Jamm becoming BFFs to BARKS AND RECREATION, but what I REALLY want to talk about is the Cones of Dunshire, and where it ranks among the best fictional TV games. Obviously, it’s below CharDee MacDennis (which amusingly aired on Comedy Central right after Parks yesterday) and above True American, but is it better than Bamboozle from Friends (no), Marsh-Gammon from How I Met Your Mother (maybe), or Strategema from Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes)?

Anyway, this is the last new Parks until 2014, so until then, you’ll find me in the middle of the woods, eating calzones, reading the metaphor-less Moby Dick, and trying to understand the rules of the Cones of Dunshire.

1. Shove it, Mathis.

2. I’m disappointed Tom didn’t make a fluoride/Flo Rida joke.

3. She’s got a point.

4. More Craig, please.



7. Just like in the cartoons.

8. Take it to the Calzone Zone.

9. And Dean Wormer in Animal House.

10. Tom’s brain broke.

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