Trevor Noah Highlights The Insane Difficulty In Being Donald Trump’s Surrogate

As we see time and time again, Trump spokespeople, representatives, and surrogates will do whatever they can to bend his words to sound positive. They go out on TV, spew nonsense to cover his nonsense, and then become headlines themselves. Katrina Pierson is the latest to take the crown for the Trump surrogates, but there is no shortage out there. There’s also little chance that Pierson won’t be topped by another stupid comment before having to go back out and do it all again.

While they likely deserve some derision and are making people scratch their heads until they bleed, Trevor Noah is quick to point out that their job is difficult because of the person they represent. Donald Trump is constantly saying things that require their services, only to drag them through the mud and toss them under the bus by changing his opinion the next day. Not to mention that they also have to go out and explain his change of heart, followed closely by whatever offensive thing he posts on Twitter.

It’s a tough job and people like Pierson are either true believers in the “make America great” movement or they’re stressed to the gills, hoping they can pull this off and end up with a cushy job in Trump tower. Either way, Noah points out that the constant topsy turvy information train we get from the Trump campaign does not instill confidence in his abilities as president. And he’s right, it certainly doesn’t help and there’s no amount of blame you can put on President Obama to make it better.

(Via The Daily Show)