Trevor Noah Does His Best To Prepare America For The Photo-Op Presidency Of Donald Trump

With Trump taking the oath to become president on Friday, The Daily Show is attempting to prepare people one last time for what they’re about to get into. Some of us are ready to just get the show on the road, but there are still a few ready to froth at the mouth over things like Trump writing his own speech or filling his cabinet with the Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo. That’s where Trevor Noah comes in, setting the record straight again on Trump and tying it into alleged pal Vladimir Putin.

The thing that Noah tries to remind viewers about is that Trump and Putin are nothing but photo-op leaders. Those getting heated over the Trump picture showing him “writing” his speech are missing the point that it’s nothing but an ad for Trump. The guy faked photos during The Apprentice that showed his barking his catchphrase, so nothing has really changed now. And even if Russia is hacking everything they can break their way into here in America, Putin is doing similar photos back in Russia. We’ve covered it before. He’s a shirtless martial artist with the finest horse in the land if you trust what you see in his photographs.

All that said, Noah points out that it would be nice to have an out if Trump really turns out to be the monster that he’s been built up to be. Like if the president decides it’s a fun day to test out the nuclear button, some sort of prenup would be nice. To show how that might work out, The Daily Show correspondents put together a sketch giving America an option to sign.