A New York Attorney Is Asking For A ‘Trial By Combat’ In A Civil Suit, And He’s Not Kidding

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08.07.15 7 Comments

Richard A. Luthmann, a Staten Island attorney, takes the practice of law as seriously as he takes Game of Thrones. Recently, when a civil suit was brought against him and a client for fraud, Luthmann — likely dead to rights on the law with a jury stacked against him, as Tyrion was in Game of Thrones — decided that he’d like to, instead, stake his life (or that of another man) on the case.

He asked for a trial by combat.

He wasn’t kidding, either.

“As such, the undersigned (Luthmann) respectfully requests that the court permit the undersigned to dispatch plaintiffs and their counsel to the Divine Providence of the Maker for Him to exact His divine judgment once the undersigned has released the souls of the plaintiffs and their counsel from their corporeal bodies, personally and or by way of a champion.”

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