Triumph Had A Field Day Roasting Folks At Trump’s Inauguration And The Outtakes Prove It

For roughly 20 years, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has been relied upon to provide commentary on what deserves to be pooped on. If memory serves, Sid Caesar had the job before him. The point is, Triumph is built to roast any herd of humans that turn up for an event. This naturally led to Triumph bringing his skill set to Donald Trump’s inauguration on behalf of Conan and the results were glorious. The outing was so successful that the freshly released outtake pack (nestled above) is just as worthy of your time.

Fitted as always to Robert Smigel’s cigar-dropping hand, the puppet-shaped dog roams D.C. as very nervous white people try to sort out what’s about to happen to them. There are some cheery interactions where everybody involved is laughing and other interactions are about as cheery as Morrissey at a Jimmy John’s.

“What insurance company do you use? Blue Cross or burning cross?” Triumph asks one uncomfortable Trump supporter. “You get it! They’re all racist!”

It’s video packages like this that really make a strong case for Triumph appearing at Trump’s press events. He gets answers, seems to have more genteel people skills than Sean Spicer, and has a knack for getting to the heart of the question. Make it happen, television journalism.