True Blood ‘True Or False’ Episode Recap: ‘Radioactive’ Left People Absolutely Furious

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08.19.13 56 Comments
Last night marked the end of the shortened sixth season of True Blood, and the 10th episode, “Radioactive,” undoubtedly left people flicking their fangs in rage. I won’t waste a lot of time with a wordy introduction about what I thought of the complete season or how I felt the final episode tied up the loose ends and left us scratching our heads, because I’m just going to get to the main, uncut story that everyone is talking about so we can get it out of the way and then focus on all of the other stuff that may or may not have made much sense.

But after we talk about Eric Northman’s penis and what happened to him in his lone appearance in “Radioactive,” we’ll recap this episode and look back at the 6th season with a few random thoughts and complaints about how certain stories are told.

True or False: Eric Northman and his penis are not dead.

I didn’t even have to look at Twitter and Tumblr to know what the collective reaction was going to be after Eric Northman’s Warlow blood wore off and he was exposed to the sunlight. People were PISSED, because they honestly believe that this is how the show’s writers would send arguably the most popular character to his eternal grave. Clearly, if anything, he’ll have been saved by Pam and/or all of the snow when the 7th season begins, and he’ll probably make it back in time to help Bill and the others fight off the new vampire hordes. Or maybe he’ll fight against the humans, who knows?

What people should be upset about is that this was all there was to his decision to leave Pam and everyone behind. He just wanted to go find his own Fortress of Solitude and read a book. Some people were let down by him bursting into flames, while I was let down that we didn’t get a new layer of depth to the show’s most interesting and volatile character, while everyone else suddenly progressed more in six months than they have in six seasons.

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