‘True Detective’ Connects The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle

In the latest episode of True Detective, “Black Maps and Motel Rooms,” there was a lot of action, some surprising deaths, and a few choice lines of terrible dialogue (“Everything is f*cking!”), but what you may have missed is that much of the mystery was solved, except for the actual killer of Caspere. I think I know exactly who did it.

There were a lot of names being bandied around — some recognizable and others not — and a lot of layers to the mystery. So, in case you need help wrapping your mind around it, here’s a helpful explanation (with pictures). Major spoilers follow after this point, so be warned if you’re not caught up.

The whole thing really started back in 1992, when Dixon and Burris killed two people in a jewelry store robbery. Here’s Dixon:

Here’s Burris:

Burris and Dixon got away with the blue diamonds from the jewelry store, though the jewelry store owners were killed, leaving their two kids orphaned (the kids were hiding at the time). Burris and Dixon — and their commanding officer at the time, Holloway — teamed up with the city accountant, Ben Caspere, and used those diamonds to work their way into Vinci’s government via the crooked Mayor Chessani. They were rewarded with six-figure salaries.

Here’s Caspere:

Here’s Holloway, now the Chief of Vinci PD:

Here’s Chessani:

The existing plot hole here — or at least, a source of confusion — is why Caspere still had the diamonds in his safe deposit box if they supposedly gave them to Chessani in exchange for jobs in Vinci?