TruTV Ordered More Episodes Of The Student Loan Debt Game Show ‘Paid Off’

08.28.18 10 months ago

The student debt relief game show Paid Off aims to help contestants get out from under their crippling educational debt, and with little movement in debt policy and college thrusting more people into the red it’s no surprise that the TruTV show is sticking around for a bit longer.

Deadline reported on Wednesday that it’s picking up 16 more episodes of the trivia game show that pits three former students deep in student loan against one another with the prize being a clean slate.

The concept of Paid Off drew a lot of social media furor when it debuted earlier in the year, but watching the show itself makes it clear that the makers of the game show are just as frustrated about the dystopian reality of crippling student loan debt in America as the contestants trying to escape from it.

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