Everything TV And Movies Taught Us About Surviving On A Desert Island

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So, you get on your flight, you’re ready to enjoy your trip to whatever tropical paradise you got the best deal on, and then the unthinkable happens. Sirens. Panic. Little yellow masks falling from the ceiling. Only you forgot to listen to the flight attendant’s safety presentation because you were too busy thumbing through your phone to find the latest Candy Crush update. At this point, you’re lucky if you can remember whether your seat cushion floats.

Now you’re marooned. Stranded. Deserted on some sandy beach with no civilization in sight. Where do you turn? Well, the guidance provided to you by movies and TV, of course. So here’s a look at some key lessons you can use if you’re ever stuck on an island.

You Can Never Have Enough Bamboo

When you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, the first and most important thing you can do is take stock of your resources, and boy did the cast of Gilligan’s Island have resources. They set out for three hours on a tiny ship with enough luggage to keep them in fresh clothes for nearly 100 episodes and a couple of movies. To harness all that stuff, they turned to the mighty brain of the Professor (Russell Johnson), who…well, he still couldn’t get them off the island. This Tropical MacGyver did, however, fashion a variety of inventions from nothing but wire, a few coconuts, and lots and lots of bamboo.

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