A Super Creepy New ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Warns Us: ‘It Is Happening Again’

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Showtime has ever so slowly been drawing out teasers for Twin Peaks, which premieres just 10 days from now on May 21st, with each new clip giving us only the slightest glimpse of the revival. The last promo gave us a first look at several returning characters, including Special Agent Dale Cooper, Big Ed Hurley, Carl Rodd, Sarah Palmer, Deputy Andy Brennan, and Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill.

Likewise, the latest promo gives us a look at some new and returning faces, but in a much more ominous light than we’ve previously seen, all the while warning us: It is happening again. Creepy music pulses between scenes that fade to black, featuring Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson) still behind the receptionist desk at the Twin Peaks’ sheriff’s department, shots of the Bang Bang Bar and Leo’s shack in the woods, a woman on the phone in what appears to be the inside of the Great Northern Hotel telling someone “he’s coming, I have to get off the phone,” Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer, RIP) hearing some apparent bad and/or shocking news, and of course, Dale Cooper driving, alone, in the dark.

You even fully expect Bob to come jumping out of the darkness — despite the fact that Frank Silva, the actor who played him, sadly passed away in 1995. With or without Bob, it looks like there will be plenty to be terrified of, come May 21.

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