Return To ‘Twin Peaks’ With This Exclusive Making-Of Clip From The Home Video Release

Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Return was one of the best things on television in 2017. I say “things,” as opposed to “shows,” because it felt different than the average Sunday night programming. It was weird, it was wild, it was unlike anything TV has seen before (that includes the original Twin Peaks). Most of all, it was a wonderful and strange experience, and now you can relive it again.

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series, which includes all 18 parts of The Return and a host of special features (including behind-the-scenes footage), arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 5. Every collection also comes with the bonus disc, Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks, a series of 30-minute short films about the making of the series from documentarian Jason S.

Here’s more on the set.

The collections also include Phenomenon, a three-part featurette in which series cast and crew join artists, musicians and creative personalities to reflect on the enduring legacy of Twin Peaks; the Twin Peaks panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, moderated by Damon Lindelof and featuring Lynch’s on-camera introduction; series promos produced by Lynch for Showtime, as well as one for in-cinema play; a grouping of all eighteen different Rancho Rosa (the series’ production company) logos from the top of each part; and a behind-the-scenes photo gallery. Lastly, through seamless branching, both Part 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 of the series are included individually, as well as in combined feature-length presentations, as they were originally shown on Showtime in the United States.

Below, you can watch a clip from the making-of included on Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series, as well as behind the scene photos.