Two and a Half Bomb Threats

A heroic crackpot has been arrested after threatening to blow up the headquarters of WPIX 11 (New York’s CW affiliate) for showing reruns of “Two and a Half Men.”

Bronx resident Freddy Caldwell was arrested Friday and charged with “falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment”… According to a police report, Caldwell called the station twice to request that they stop airing reruns of the CBS sitcom, threatening to bomb their headquarters if they did not. [The Daily What]

Of course, terrorism against TV stations is never a laughing matter, unless it’s the manifesto of the Discovery Networks gunman James Lee (“…and, of course, the Squirrels.”) But at least Lee had the conviction to pick up a gun and try to get his crazy demands met. By comparison, a bomb threat just sounds lazy. It’s barely a step above what I do, which is making vague threats to the cast of “Entourage” and hoping that someone else will take action.