UPDATE: Anne Hathaway Still Adorable

08.17.11 30 Comments

Anne Hathaway was on “Conan” to promote something and talk about filming the new Batman movie, and she proceeded to perform a rap song about the paparazzi “in the style of Lil Wayne” (her words). I know as a blogger my job is to crap on things and say how stupid they are, but… I’m not gonna. I can’t help it. I find it and her adorable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Listen up, celebrities. Don’t go getting ideas. The majority of you are still not allowed to rap. There was an incredibly high degree of difficulty here, and Anne Hathaway barely pulled it off. I repeat, barely. Do NOT push your luck. And if this video results in an epidemic of white, female celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Hudson thinking it’s cute to perform self-produced rap songs ANYWHERE, I will take back everything I said in the first paragraph and hold Anne Hathaway solely responsible. You are all on notice.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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