01.12.10 9 years ago 15 Comments

Okay, for those of you thirsting for the latest in late-night news, here’s what I got today: Fox admitted that it’s interested in Conan, but it comes down to whether Conan wants to void a contract that will pay him $10M a year to be on at midnight. Stay tuned for more cats– er, news on the situation.

Moving along, the awesomeness that is “The Tonight Show” now that Conan doesn’t care continued last night, with O’Brien launching repeated barbs aimed at both the network and Jay Leno. My favorite:

“NBC announced they expect to lose $200 million on the Winter Olympics next month. Folks, is it just me, or is that story hilarious?”

Well played, sir. Below: video of Conan listing his present career options. Apparently Jay Leno is also telling “jokes” about the situation, but I didn’t bother to watch those clips. I’m a TV blogger, not a masochist. Well, actually, I am a masochist, but even I have my limits.

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