Urban 'Beauty and the Beast' Parody Is The Best Thing a Former-'American Idol' Contesant Has Ever Done

Before today, I had never heard of Todrick Hall, but now he’s my favorite former-“American Idol” contestant ever, leapfrogging that girl with the thing and Clay Aiken. He wrote and filmed a pitch-perfect parody of Belle’s first scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, turning it into Beauty and the Beat. Instead of receiving a book from Old Man Bookseller (he probably has a name), Belle goes into a barbershop and is handed a kid. “This provincial life” is changed to “this hoodrat life,” kindly bakers become cracked out hobos yelling about brownies…it’s a whole lotta stereotypes like that, but who doesn’t love a good Tyrese Gibson joke? Not I, says no one.

Heyyy, Sweet Brown, I see you gurl.