‘Us Against The World’ Takes A Hard Look At The Racial Divides In High School Basketball

As much as we’d like sports to be a distraction from the turmoil of life, the real world doesn’t get checked at the door when you take a seat or hit the court. Throughout history, sports have been put in the middle of some of America’s most tense moments, specifically when it comes to race. And while it’s true that the games we play can be used as a catalyst to unite people with a common goal, it can also intensify the differences that are ripping people apart off the field.

In Us Against The World, an Uproxx original docuseries from award-winning filmmaker Trent Cooper, we delve into the drama behind one high school basketball team’s experience on the frontlines of the culture wars that have defined America for decades.

The setting is Lott’s Creek, Kentucky and Cordia High School, which found itself in a hotbed of racial tension as their local team worked to win a State Championship. As the lines are drawn between black and white students and the coach’s competence is called into question, Us Against The World examines what happens when the love of the game strains in its effort to unite a community and a team.

All 10 episodes of Us Against The World will be available to stream on September 19, exclusively on Watchable.