Watch Pat Sajak Nearly Lose His Mind On Some ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestants

We’ve been waiting for Pat Sajak to finally lose it on Wheel of Fortune and boy did he almost do it tonight. During the last spin puzzle, Lee and his buddy Mitch (it’s “best friends week) guessed the letter ‘N.’ There was one up on the board and frankly, with almost nothing there, we thought it would just move on to the next set of contestants.


Lee screamed “RIDING A BROWN HORSE”—which, to be honest, was a spot-on guess for the number of letters. Unfortunately, “riding a brown horse” is a super weird answer, even by Wheel of Fortune standards. It was not correct.

The next set of contestants followed suit by guessing a ‘G.’ Good letter. It was also on the board. Then the woman screamed: “RIDING A WHITE HORSE.”


If Pat Sajak leaves the set, does Vanna take over? And do they, like, bring a producer on to fill Vanna’s spot? Because, come on, ever since it became “touch screen”, Vanna’s job has become complete nonsense. I mean, she used to turn the letters you guys. That was at least, something.

Anyway, Pat took a chill pill and the answer to the puzzle ended up being “seeing a buddy movie.” Personally, I liked “riding a brown horse” better.