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“So then I was all, “Bitch! I’m the president!”

Last night, Barack Obama became the first sitting president to be a guest on “The Tonight Show,” tying his appearance in with a town hall meeting in Orange County earlier in the day.  The interview, though padded on both sides by some lighter banter, was largely devoted to the AIG bonuses, the struggling economy, and Obama’s assurance that things will get better if we invest in education and energy, and also if Wall Street jackasses can stop being greedy pricks for five seconds.  My words, not his. Unfortunately.

Anyway, without partisan commentary, you can watch the full video below.  If you’re in another country and can’t watch Hulu, read the NYT recap here or the full transcript here.  Or, you know, just leave angry political rants in the comments.  “STOP TRYING TO SOCIALIZE OUE COUNTRY!”  “WHATEVER THIS IS ALL BUSH’S FAULT!”  Bonus points* for the first person to use racial slurs.

*IP ban and comment deletion

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