Christina Hendricks Takes a Bath

08.02.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

(NOTE: Headline edited down from its original version, “VIDEO: Christina Hendricks Talks About Taking a Bath.” It’s still pretty much the same thing, right?)

This video appeared on The Huffington Post last week, but it was a longer version on the HuffPo’s crappy video player, so here it is in much better YouTube form (via BuzzFeed): it’s “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks on KTLA’s morning news show to talk about her Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She mentions that she was drawing a bath when she got the call notifying her of the nomination, which renders Brian McFayden (formerly of MTV) speechless. He sits there silently for a whole minute, and by the time he gets back into the conversation, he’s a stuttering mess. Although to his credit, he still has his pants on, which means he handled it a lot more coolly than I would have.

Anyway, for anyone looking to discuss last night’s episode of “Mad Men,” I’ll start things off with CHRISTMAS CONGA:

(animated version here)

More like Best Supported Actress, gnome sayin’?

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