Watch Jon Stewart’s Passionate Commentary On The Charleston Shootings From ‘The Daily Show’

The violence in Charleston, South Carolina sparked plenty of responses and stirred feelings that are too familiar in recent years. The racial implications alone are depressing in 2015, but the violence involved is almost too much to bear. That’s where Jon Stewart ended up here in his final stretch hosting The Daily Show. Instead of a normal show with laughs and jokes, Stewart led off the program with a powerful five minute statement on the events in Charleston and declared that there would be “no jokes” on the show Thursday.

“I’ve got nothing for you,” Stewart told the audience before moving on to a powerful line of truth on the events of the day and its relation to current events. And there really are no words for it all. It’s a powerful message. He later added, “In South Carolina, the roads that black people drive on are named for Confederate generals who fought to keep black people from being able to drive freely on that road…that’s insanity.”

(Via Comedy Central)