Louis C.K. Looks Back On Writing For ‘Late Night’: ‘You’ll Never Know How Much They Hate You’

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05.12.15 6 Comments

Louis C.K. still remembers his days writing for Conan during his time hosting Late Night . He took some time to look back with Seth Meyers and warned the host that everybody in the writer’s room probably hates his guts. That’s because folks want their work to make the show and there are a lot of hurdles to jump through in order for that to happen, starting with the boss man with his name in the title.

The highlight is his story about slipping jokes into the show via the opening announcement, a rare moment that went unchecked during production. It’d be Louis and Dino Stamatopoulos dropping in silly jokes about “pearl necklaces” during Conan’s introductions, with no one to really stop them except for the hapless announcer who was mystified by the joke.

(Via Late Night)

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