A Video Of A Talking Dog Went Viral And The Local News Is ON IT

A little background: So there’s this video of a dog that “talks” whenever his owner tries to put him in his kennel. As one of the Internet’s leading authorities on talking dogs, I would argue that it sounds more like he’s groaning, and if we keep throwing around the term “Talking Dog” every time one goes “Ruhruhruh” no one will believe us when one actually does start talking, but whatever, not the point. The point is that the video went “viral,” as the kids say, and as of this sentence has just over five million views.

Enter the local news. Specifically, enter New Hampshire’s ABC affiliate, WMUR, which dispatched a reporter to interview the dog and his owner. (This is where I should probably point out that the dog is named “Blaze” and the owner looks like a guy who could rattle off the titles of 20-25 Phish songs without looking it up, easy. Not implying anything. Just reporting.) There’s a lot to love about the clip, which screams “LOCAL NEWS” with such force that it will probably be hoarse for a week. Like, for example, the fact that they couldn’t get thee dog to “talk” during the report about the famous talking dog. That would be one thing.

But the best part of this clip, by miles and miles and miles, is the line at the 1:25 mark.

With nearly four million YouTube hits, you could say that Blaze is becoming … the cat’s meow.

Local news today. Local news forever.

Source: WMUR