Tina Fey Ditches Her Dress In Honor Of David Letterman’s Impending Retirement

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05.07.15 27 Comments

Tina Fey
claims that she’s not into wearing fancy dresses when she appears on these late night talk shows, saving the fancy ones for David Letterman. I’d believe that, but this clip makes me question that claim. Sure, the dress she was wearing on Thursday’s Late Show was quite fancy, and the other dresses that appear in that montage come off as a bit plain in comparison. It’s just clear that it’s a put-on.

None of this matters — in general or in reference to the clip — because Fey is retiring dresses in honor of David Letterman’s exodus from late night. To prove that this blue dress is the last dress, Fey stripped it off right there for Letterman. We know it is serious because there’s a hashtag attached to it. It’s a damn fine dress, too.

(Via The Late Show)

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