Viola Davis’ ‘Suicide Squad’ Semi-Baddie Is Getting A Spin-off Series Of Her Own

While Netflix is freaking out over plunging viewers, one of their competitors seems to be doing just fine. HBO Max has been throwing series and spin-offs around like they were Oprah handing out cars. There are multiple Batman-related shows en route. Meanwhile, another of their comic book movies is also being milked again: Looks like there’s going to be a second show spun from the Suicide Squad wing of the DCEU.

As per Deadline, the streamer has greenlit an as-yet-untitled show concerning Amanda Waller, the semi-villainous government official played by Viola Davis. Introduced in the first Suicide Squad (the one without the definitive article in the title), Waller is arguably more dastardly than the actual villains under her sway, made all the more fearful by the Oscar-winning actress playing her. (And if you think someone of Davis’ caliber is too big for the small screen, remember that she spent six seasons on How to Get Away with Murder.)

Whenever it arrives, the Amanda Waller show will join Peacemaker, about John Cena’s also semi-villainous semi-fascist, introduced in The Suicide Squad (not to be confused with the one without the definitive article in the title). That show, like the movie, proved to be a big streaming hit and a magnet for social media love. That said, James Gunn, who will executive produce the show, said it “won’t be as much a comedy as Peacemaker,” so be forewarned.

(Via Deadline)