The Walking Lulz: The Internet’s Best Memes And GIFs From The ‘Walking Dead’ Episode Five

Hey, everyone. Welcome to The Walking Lulz, where we take all your GIFs, stuffs and thangs from the latest episode of The Walking Dead and compile them into one big mega-meme post. This week’s episode was all about feelings. And #poopzombies. But mostly feelings. Considering what y’all had to work with, I’m impressed we got the variety we did and not a million meme march demanding Glenn’s fate be revealed immediately. Let’s get to it!

That’s it for this edition of The Walking Lulz. Don’t forget to check back through our past episode posts, as well! And take a few seconds to visit the people making these great memes, especially Walking Dead Funny Pages, Walking Dead Lives, and the fine folks at The Walking Dead Subreddit.

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