‘Walking Dead’ Fans Reacting To The Cliffhanger Finale Are All Of Us

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04.06.16 12 Comments

I’m not sure what inspires people to record themselves watching television (kids today, back in my day, old man yells at TV-shaped cloud, etc.). But I’m glad they do, because now we have this video of Walking Dead fans — part of the 14.2 million that watched the episode — reacting to the season six finale. They’re figuratively at the edge of their seat during Negan’s teasing monologue, and literally out of it, screaming furious profanities, when the cliffhanger episode fades to black before we see whose head Lucille smashed. Probably not the reaction AMC was hoping for. It’s a Red Wedding of anger.

The compilation is nearly 18 minutes long, but you can start at any point, and get the general idea. For instance, at 5:33, one woman tells her friend, “I can’t believe they’re doing this,” while at 11:05, someone else says, “This is some bullsh*t, that’s bullsh*t.” Later, at 14:53: “It’s not gonna show nothing, it’s a f*cking cliffhanger.” Earlier, at 1:26: “No, you piece of sh*t. No. Are you f*cking kidding me?” Later, at 17:03: “Uh…” (he signed the petition). And so on.

At least one good thing came out of this video for The Walking Dead writers: They can use all that swearing for Negan.

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