A Thanksgiving ‘The Walking Dead’ Tweet Contains Some Intriguing Clues About The Future

Skybound Entertainment, the production company founded by Robert Kirkman that produces The Walking Dead for AMC, tweeted out the below photo to celebrate Thanksgiving. In doing so, they also revealed a few clues about where the series is headed in the next season and a half. All the clues may not be apparent at first glance, but look closely, and there are some intriguing reveals.

Some of the clues may be obvious: Negan is hanging back with the kooks, Beta and Alpha, having infiltrated The Whisperers, while Gamma’s presence with the allied communities at the Thanksgiving table suggests that she has switched to the side of Alexandria. Interestingly, Jules — the new Oceansider who we have barely seen on the show, so far — nevertheless appears near the table with Luke. Her presence here does not bode well, as she would otherwise not likely merit placement unless she were either a major love interest for Luke or another spy for The Whisperers.

Over on the right, we see Maggie walking into the scene, foreshadowing her return. She’s officially coming back in the 11th season, but she may make an initial appearance later season. The ship in the background is linked to the naval base, which Michonne is visiting with Virgil. That naval base will probably connect Michonne with Rick Grimes and the CRM storyline, which connects the three The Walking Dead series with the Rick Grimes movies.

That connection will go through The Commonwealth, a 50,000 person community introduced to The Walking Dead in the 11th season. En route to The Commonwealth, members of the Alexandrian communities will meet a new character, Princess (Paola Lázaro), who will be introduced later this season. She lives in Pittsburgh; the Thanksgiving photo above teases that, as well, with a glimpse of the Pittsburgh skyline in the background. Hopefully, that trip to Pittsburg will allow The Walking Dead to deliver a few homages to George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead trilogy, which was set in Pittsburgh and launched the zombie subgenre. There’s a good chance that the map Pilgrim Carol is looking at will lead them to The Commonwealth, likely discovered by Eugene in his radio conversations with the unknown woman.

We’ll find out more when The Walking Dead returns for its back half of season 10 in February.