‘Walking Dead’ Moments That Make The Perfect Valentine For Your Special Someone

and 02.13.16 2 years ago

AMC / Uproxx

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time for love and laughter and togetherness. Also a time for The Walking Dead‘s mid-season return! It’s been two and a half long months since the show’s last episode aired, leaving us on a cliffhanger of epic proportions. Now this Sunday we’ll finally get to witness the sh*t hitting the fan at the Alexandria Safe Zone.

But many people may be torn between watching the return of The Walking Dead and treating their significant other to a romantic evening. To those struggling to figure all that out we say: Why not both? And to help you merge your loves together, here are a few Walking Dead Valentines to show that special someone how you feel about them. Now, I know you’re thinking, “But didn’t Hallmark already provide this needed service with their Walking Dead e-cards?” Yes, and they are amazing (go download them). We just wanted to highlight a few (surprisingly) romantic moments from the series that pair nicely with some warm sentiments.


AMC / Uproxx

If you’re not shy about getting naughty and want to get close on Valentine’s, nothing says let me put my mouth on you like this note.

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