Will A Fan Favorite Character Die In ‘The Walking Dead’ 10B Season Premiere?

(Speculative Spoilers for the Season 10b Midseason Premiere Will Be Found Below.)

We’re just two weeks away from the season 10b premiere of The Walking Dead, and for those who may have forgotten, the front half of season 10 ended in a cliffhanger. In the midseason finale, Alpha basically set a trap, luring Carol into the cave where The Whisperers store hundreds (if not thousands) of zombies. Basically, Alpha gave Gamma some information that she knew Gamma would pass along to the Alexandrians, luring Carol and Co. out into a spot where Carol would encounter Alpha, who led them into the cave. In the midseason finale, a group of seven (pictured above, plus Daryl) are left stranded in the cave.

With a cliffhanger of this nature — and one involving this many people — fans expect that at least one character will not make it out of the cave alive. Speculation has already began about who may or may not make it out alive. However, a few season 10b trailers and images released by AMC may have already spoiled a few survivors.

Among those who could potentially die in in the cave cliffhanger are Daryl, Carol, Connie, Magna, Aaron, Jerry, and Kelly. Daryl and Carol are obviously not going to die — they’re not only unkillable series’ leads at this point, but Daryl has his own teaser, where he escapes the cave. Daryl, Aaron, and Kelly are also spotted outside the cave in this teaser, and Carol is spotted a couple of times outside the cave in this teaser. That leaves Connie, Magna, and Jerry. However, AMC released photos from upcoming episodes, one of which features Jerry outside the cave.


That basically leaves Magna and Connie. It doesn’t make that much sense for either to be eliminated from The Walking Dead because they’re relatively new to the series, they’re both well liked, and neither have been given full character arcs. Both, in fact, are in the midst of theirs: Magna’s relationship with Yumiko is on the fritz, while Connie and Daryl are just getting started as a potential couple. Connie is also still crucial to the survival of Kelly, who would otherwise be the most expendable of those in the cave, character-wise.

However, it is possible that either Nadia Hilker or Lauren Ridloff have other commitments, which would necessitate them leaving the show. Lauren Ridloff is the most likely candidate in that regard, as she was cast in Marvel’s The Eternals, the filming of which could have conflicted with filming the back half of The Walking Dead. It is also possible that Connie isn’t killed, but is kidnapped by the Whisperers (or otherwise gets lost) and doesn’t make her way back to camp until the end of the season, which would allow Ridloff to film the Eternals but also remain on The Walking Dead.

Or, perhaps, no one dies. None of the promotional materials or trailers have in any way teased that someone has to die, and with Michonne and possibly Rosita leaving this season, The Walking Dead may not want to kill off any other characters, particularly a fan favorite like Connie.

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead returns on February 23rd.