Walter White’s Favorite Denny’s Is Relocating And Albuquerque Residents Are Not Pleased

It’s a little awkward that the people of Albuquerque have kept such a strong and loving bond with Breaking Bad. But they have, so it’s no surprise that losing the Denny’s that Walter White once frequented is causing some residents to spell out “WTF?” with their bacon.

The owner of the Denny’s across from University of New Mexico said customers wanted him to build a new restaurant.

They’re about to get it — but it’s two miles away from the current location and it won’t have the Walter White magic.

The Denny’s at 2608 Central SE — which was featured fairly prominently in “Breaking Bad” — will close on Thanksgiving afternoon, franchisee Sham Asnani told the Journal this week. His new location near the Gibson/University intersection will open on Dec. 14, he said.

Listen, if Derek Jeter could move the old ghosts across the street when Yankee Stadium moved, I’m pretty sure this Denny’s can keep the magic alive. Just put up a cardboard standee from Bryan Cranston’s Malcolm in the Middle days, bronze a plate of bacon, and call it a landmark.

To me, the big story is that a bunch of college kids and town elders are going to have to go two and a half weeks without a Grand Slam. Who sings their song?

Source: ABQ Journal