Walton Goggins From ‘Justified’ Will Appear In The Upcoming Season Of ‘Community’

09.05.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Community has already reeled in Omar from The Wire and Mike from Breaking Bad for guest roles, so the concept of beloved “bad guys” from television’s best dramas popping up in Greendale is nothing new. Still, even with that said, this next bit of casting made me squee with delight: Walton Goggins, Boyd Crowder himself, has been booked for an episode in the upcoming season.

Goggins will play Mr. Stone, a mysterious, emotionless man that the Greendale gang encounters. Mr. Stone comes armed “with a dangerous accusation, a tantalizing offer and a devious plan that will change the group forever.” [TV Guide]

Does this sound tremendous? Yes. Will it be better than his guest spot on Sons of Anarchy? Probably not. Is the picture at the top of this post one of the best examples of photojournalism in modern history? Absolutely. Am I going to post the GIF of Boyd Crowder dancing right now to express how excited this all makes me? I believe I am.


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