No One Is Happier For Walton Goggins’ Success Than His ‘The Shield’ Co-Star Michael Chiklis

There is no such thing as too much as Walton Goggins. He’s currently starring in three shows — Fallout, The Righteous Gemstones (Baby Billy Freeman remains the best named character on television), and Justified: City Primeval, assuming it returns for another season — but it could be nine, and no one would complain. Especially Michael Chiklis.

The actor shared a sweet tribute to his The Shield co-star on X. “Let me tell you something. I’ve seen a lot in my time in this business. It’s a hard road that people just can’t understand unless they’re in it. Anyone who’s had any level of success knows this. When one of the truly talented & genuinely good guys win? It makes you cry tears…” he wrote, adding, “…of joy. Walton Goggins is the genuine article. A brother. An uncle to my children. A great human being.”

Chiklis said that there is “there is no one more deserving of their success” than Goggins. “Hard work, perseverance, deep talent, pazzazz and great Karma all coming together. Bravo Walt!” I’m sorry, but he’s not a Walt. He’s a Walton. And Walton is one of the best things about Fallout, and he’ll certainly be a highlight of The White Lotus season three.

All eight episodes of Fallout are available to stream on Prime Video.