Kevin Feige Sidestepped A Question About Whether ‘WandaVision’ Will Include A Family Reunion

(Spoilers from Marvel Studios and Disney+’s WandaVision will be found below.)

Things are moving quickly in WandaVision, and we’re not just talking about Vision’s super-speed. (Did he have that before?) During a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige gave an interesting answer when asked if Wanda’s family members could appear in the Disney+ series. Considering Friday’s Episode 3 included a very pivotal reference to Wanda’s late brother Pietro, a.k.a. Quicksilver, we’re already starting to see major signs that Wanda’s familial connections will be explored. Of course, the big question on Marvel fan’s mind is if those connections will include the biggest one of them all: Magneto.

For those who don’t know, Magneto is the father of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the comics, which has not been the case in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — so far. With Disney now owning the rights to the X-Men, fans have been theorizing that WandaVision will begin laying the groundwork for mutants to appear in the MCU. When asked if the show will include Wanda’s mutant family members, here’s what Feige had to say. Via Comic Book:

“This is more about that relationship with Vision, and more about that dynamic and the evolving relationship of that couple, and how that grows and evolves and unfolds.”

When pressed about “other family members” appearing in WandaVision, Feige said with a smile, “There are other characters in other episodes of this show. Who they are, what they are, not worth discussing right now.”

As to whether or not the MCU would actually introduce Magneto in a Disney+ series is open for debate, but that’s what makes this experimental opening to Phase 4 so great. Marvel can do whatever it wants with the story. It could go anywhere! To add further evidence to the mutant theory, Episode 3’s Easter Egg commercial contained a very interesting tag line for Hydra Soak: “Find the goddess within.”

Who’s known for referring to mutants as gods? Magneto.

(Via Rotten Tomatoes & ComicBook)