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Hey y’all.  Sorry, but the website is being all screwy, and I’m having troubles with the publishing software.  I’ve dispatched the most socially awkward nerds I could find to fix the problem, but until we get our mess straightened out, here are some links to sustain you. (image source)

It’s really cool the way she has no pride: Lindsay from Videogum went on a TV/movie bus tour of New York.  By herself.  Wearing a “Just Jack” t-shirt.  [Videogum]

Legislate long and prosper: More Obama/Star Trek photoshops than you knew existed.  [Urlesque]

It wasn’t on TV, but it should’ve been: Highlights from the 2009 U.S. Pole Dancing Championships.  [Busted Coverage]

WANT: The 145-inch curved-screen plasma TV. [slashgear]

Wanda Sykes’s wife gives birth to twins:  Wait, she’s a lesbian?  Get out!  [ET]

Has Adam Lambert Fever killed this season of ‘Idol’?  I don’t know, is this wanking motion a sufficient answer?  [ABC]

Has “Lost” gotten away from what made it good?  In a word, yes.  But there are people out there who make a much better argument than I do.  (Feel free to discuss the season finale in the comments, btw.)  [New York Times]

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