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It’s a cat drinking out of a pint glass: This is actually better than 85% of reality TV programming.  At least 85%.  [College Humor — video after the jump]

Nerd boners, ENGAGE! “The Wire” creator David Simon spoke on a panel in New Orleans about completing the pilot for “Treme.”  If HBO greenlights it, shooting for the rest of the series won’t start until freaking November.  But I want it NOW!  [Times-Picayune]

Speaking of “The Wire“:  With the BBC airing the Baltimore drama for the first time, the Telegraph does a “Where are they now?” feature on the show’s actors.  Not included: Tristan Wilds (Michael) now plays the token black guy on “90210.”  So wrong.  [Telegraph]

Can I borrow a feeling?  No, seriously: A collection of awesome album covers.  I don’t know why the Braillettes weren’t a bigger hit.  [The Chive]

Guess which country had a penis parade: Go on.  Guess. [Best Week Ever]

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