04.09.09 9 years ago

“Looks like… I’ll be back.”  YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!  This promo for Terminator: Salvation lets you “terminate” yourself, but it works best with cats and David Caruso. [Gizmodo]

The express train to Cancellation Town: NBC’s “Kings” is getting moved to Saturdays, just as Macaulay Culkin gets added to the cast.  Was it the butterfly crown?  It was the butterfly crown, wasn’t it?  [Variety]

With follow-on service to Anticlimacticville: The Simpsons stamps are revealed.  Unfortunately, my suggestions were ignored. [The Live Feed]

You mean Oprah didn’t email me personally?  An email scam claims that Oprah Winfrey is giving away a million dollars on an upcoming show, and you’re invited!  Just send the money for the travel and expenses, naturally. [LA Times]

And you thought it sucked before:  The next “Real World” will take place in Washington, D.C.  More like Washington, DOUCHEY, amiright?  [New York Post]

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