Watch Alison Brie Play ‘Muffy The Vampire Slayer’ With Jennifer Lawrence

Were Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence to storm into Comedy Central’s offices today, demanding to star in a spoof show series, “kind of like Not Another Teen Movie, but we’ll call it…Not Another High School Show,” and that Brie wants to play someone named “Muffy the Vampire Slayer,” I hope Comedy Central would instantly reject the idea. It would kill their careers because it sounds awful, and it was awful. Not Another High School Show was developed in 2007 and a pilot was shot, but never picked up.

I’ve mentioned the show before, but at that point, there was no footage of Brie and Lawrence’s scene together online. Well, here it is, in all its, um, glory. Come for the references to Brie’s vagina; stay for Lawrence being hit on by a janitor (played by H. Jon Benjamin?) who’s just been stabbed.

Safe to say, this show didn’t work, but if Brie and Lawrence want to star in an episode of Broad City season two, I think they’d be doing the world a great service.