Watch Amy Schumer’s Outstanding Interview With A 106-Year-Old Woman On ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

05.07.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

On last night’s Inside Amy Schumer, for her “Amy Goes Deep” segment, Schumer interviewed a spunky 106-year-old woman, Downing, on what the past 100+ years have been like. The topics ranged from the Great Depression, Twitter (she doesn’t know anything about “the new things”), women’s fashions (everybody’s wearing pants!), and even racism — which elicited an LOL reaction from me when Downing says “black” and then, “that’s not the word.”

Kudos to Schumer for getting a funny and interesting interview without ever crossing the line of what would have felt like making fun of her subject — so I guess you can throw me in the camp of people Amy Schumer is starting to grow on.

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