Watch Jim Carrey Play It Safe And Test David Letterman For Ebola

It seems like we get the juicy, behind the scenes stories from celebrities during their Howard Stern appearances. Then they come to Letterman and delve into their silly, palatable sides for the general audience. That’s how it went for Jim Carrey this week.

Gone were the stories about Tommy Lee Jones hating him on the set of Batman Forever, replaced by a fun bit about Ebola in New York. He checks Letterman’s temperature, asks him some questions about monkeys and ISIS, and then manages call everyone’s favorite New Jersey governor Chris Crispy.

This will be fun to look back on once we all start catching Ebola and we need to have a laugh. “Hey, remember how we poked fun about Ebola?” That’s what we’ll say. Then we’ll raid an entire apartment complex for food and shelter. What a life!

(Via The Late Show)