Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Magnificent ‘Game Of Thrones’ Parody, ‘Game Of Desks’

Bummed about the lack of Game of Thrones tomorrow, especially because the next episode is episode nine and episode nine is when good (read: bad) things happen, like “Baelor” and “Blackwater”? Yeah, me too, but Jimmy Fallon’s Game of Desks is the next big thing. Actually, having a dragon butler is the next best thing on the Next Best Things Power Rankings, but Game of Desks is up there, somewhere between winning a lifetime supply of red velvet cake and “Slack Motherf*cker” replacing “The Star-Spangled Banner” as our National Anthem.

But I digress. Game of Desks is a spot-on parody of HBO’s Game of Thrones, with Rockefell as Winterfell, an Iron Throne made out of old cell phones, and Fallon playing many of the show’s characters, including Ned Stark and Khaleesi, while the Roots help out as members of the Night’s Watch (they’re wearing the black? DAS RAYCESS.)

Jay of Leno also makes an appearance, though not as Walder Frey, his GoT spirit animal.